Muhaha im the First :*

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Muhaha im the First :*

Post  Senszatiion on Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:58 pm

Hey Guys,

Personal Stuff :

My name is Mary and im 18 Years old and live in Cologne City.
Since some Month i live alone Because Problems with my Parents.
I go to the 11 Grade on a Gymnasium, so its really hard for me to stand on my own legs.
I work in a Shop after School to get a little bit money to be more indipendit.
I speak Turkish - English - German - Spanish ( since 1 Year ) - Latin ( i can translate it to the German).
Im half Turkish and half English.
In my free Time i go shopping , dancing , singing , chill out with my friends or make my Homework.
I love listen RnB & HipHop. Its a kind of StressLesser Wink if im pissed the music gets me down.

Ingame Chars :

Ingame Name : Senszatiion
Character : Lucy
Level : 53
Couple : xXLuLoXx

Stats Battle : ( 3744 / 2076 ) 64 % -> Rank 89
Stats Basic : ( 355 / 294 ) 54 % -> Rank 6799
Perfects : 273
Guard Breaks : 2453

I Love Playing Battle, but since some Month i start Playing Basic to improve my Skill -
so i think i can be a better willer in Battle.

My Stats Battle : ( 48 Str / 33 Sta / 14 Dex / 100 Wil )+8 Charge +1 Smash +1 Serve +2 Lob Racket (+6 Fire) Shoes (+7 Fire)
My Basic Stats : ( 65 Str / 20 Sta / 30 Dex / 79 Wil ) +1 Charge +8 Smash +2 Serve +1 Lob

Ingame Name : Extravaqant
Character : Shua
Level : 10
Couple : None

Basic Record : ( 28 W / 1 L )
Battle Record : ( 46 W / 8 L )

Perfects : 38
GuardBreaks : 2

Stats : 65 Str / 12 Sta / 47 Dex / 16 Wil
HP : 310
When im Lvl 60 i have 116 Str 60 Dex + 8 Wind

Why i want to Join YOU ! :
Atm im in HighSociety, but this Club is really Dead .
I stayed here now for 4 Month or something, while it was Dead.
I applied some Days ago in Effect, but after i saw that so many Oldies leave i dosnt wanted to Join so i take my Apply back. In my Eyes there arent the "Effect", which they were at the beginning.
I wanted to improve my Skill but i wasnt quit sure if this works because there arent a lot, who can teach me Basic in my eyes.
So now i want to Join you because you have Nice Basicer & it would be a honor for me to be the First Battle Player in youre Club.

Why you should take me :

I think you should take me, because i play now with my Shua Guard, so i can help you lvling the Club.Furthermore im a Person who is really Active in Forums & im a loyal Club Member, who dont leave after 1 week when the Club is a little bit unactive.

I hope you give me the oppertunity to show you from my best side .
Kiss Mary

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Re: Muhaha im the First :*

Post  Lupo87 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:23 am

Well Senza, first of all ty for the effort u spent on ur apply.

But we gotta reject u cuz we all have doubts about ur personality which might cause troubles to the club, that's the main reason.

Other reason is, well this is my personal opinion, i think u are too much into the attitude jumping on the bandwagon which doesnt really make u looking good.
Lets suppose now, after being rejected here, u go apply in somewhere else by saying the same things like u just did in Effect..

Ty again for applied anyway,cya.


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Re: Muhaha im the First :*

Post  Senszatiion on Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:17 pm

Hey.Its okay that you reject me.
But i wont apply somewhere else.
I really nwated to Join here more then other Clubs.
Its kind of sad, because now im 100% alone in my Club after i dont
really manage it.
& with Effect maybe you see that i take my Apply Back for Join here.

But honestly i can understand youre Reaction.
You will hear from me in youre furture i promise ^^

I hope you Guys play with me sometimes some Games so
you can see my " Real " Attidude.

Kiss Mary

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Re: Muhaha im the First :*

Post  Harun on Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:29 pm


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Re: Muhaha im the First :*

Post  FewFew on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:01 pm

Enough spamming already <_<

- Closed -

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Re: Muhaha im the First :*

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