OoleonieOo second apply

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OoleonieOo second apply

Post  OoLeonieoO on Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:15 am

So i think i try again

My name is michel i am 20 years old, and come from germany.

i want join with my lucy lvl 55 str dex with 9 fire on raket, 9 wather on gloves, 9 fire on upper and 8 eart on my head.!
I have a second char name xXAuStRiAXx battle rank 18 and stats same.
i dident say it in other topic because i have make a misstake in effect forum and think it´s nt really nice for an apply.
But i hope you can forgive me this misstake, i think all make simtiems misstakes, maybe my was a bit bigger but im open for say it here for all SOORY.
i think i have really change my attitude i played now much with ushuia and ustasa and was in her club and help they for the website.
i hope that you belive me what i said here because it is serious.
thanks for your time and cya in game
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Re: OoleonieOo second apply

Post  Lupo87 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:28 am

What made u thinking our opinion about u has changed in 19 days? Rolling Eyes

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